The story begins in ADDANAC CITY in the year 2010. It also takes place in the year 1990.

When diminutive dimwit, Hank Addanac, the town’s resident rapscallion, exhausts all resources when it comes to discovering the truth about his family history, he takes it upon himself to find the answers the only way he knows how:



What begins as a simple trip to the past quickly escalates into action and intrigue filled with town secrets, a supervillain, and one lone savior who has the guts, nerve, and ambition to save ADDANAC CITY from despair and evil domination:

The Boll Weevil

Can the Boll Weevil defeat this pompous scourge of humanity?

Will Hank ever discover the truth about his parents, or will his actions destroy his future?

You can find out the answers for yourself in the first issue of this special three-issue limited series, Hard Time: The Legend of the Boll Weevil.

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