On May 12, 2009, I introduced a brand-new character to Addanac City.

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At the time, AC primarily focused upon little seven-year-old Hank and his family, friends, and elementary school authorities.

The comic series had been out on the web for nearly a year, and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to usher in some new some faces to increase the fun and tension in the webcomic.

The character I created was to be Hank‘s uncle, and his dad Harvey‘s older brother, Jack.

Back then, Harvey was fairly strait-laced and mainly acted as your average dad/disciplinarian.

Harvey’s full-potential wouldn’t be approached nor realized until a couple of years later. Jack, however, hit the ground running, behaving as I always imagined him. Jack was/is a ne’er-do-well, petty criminal.

Sure, Hank’s Uncle Jack may have been a malfeasant, but he always made time to be a part of the Addanac Family regardless of where his legal activities placed him.

Jack, in a very ill-advised manner, constantly attempted to show his excitable nephew the ins and outs of delinquent behavior much to his brother Harvey’s dismay.

As a character, Uncle Jack, is one of my favorites. He’s a lot like Hank, but even more unrefined and juvenile (if you can believe that). πŸ™‚

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It seemed that no matter what was going on in Addanac City during those days, I was always drawn back to “playing” with Jack.

He was fun to write and draw, and I couldn’t get enough of him. Plus, my readers enjoyed his antics.

After a couple of years, I began formulating a storyline that inevitably became larger than what the four-panel or skyscraper comic strips could contain.

I would never get to sleep (or go to work) if I dedicated myself purely to telling the tales of Uncle Jack that I wanted to tell in the way I wanted to tell them.

After one extensive storyline that occurred in September and October 2011, I found myself burnt out and exhausted.

As much as I loved writing and drawing Jack, I had painted myself into a corner and opened up a can of worms that I really wasn’t prepared to see thru.

So, what did I do? I got to a certain stage in the story, and tossed up a “TO BE CONTINUED….”

Jack reflected in glasses

I figured, hey, lemme do a few months of regular gag-a-day ADDANAC CITY comics, and I’ll eagerly get back to continuing Jack‘s adventures.

For whatever reason or another, or maybe due to my very short attention span, I never got back to that story.

This was on Halloween 2011.

Every so often, I would sigh and promise myself that I would get back to that story. Then even more time would pass.

I began to feel like I would never finish Jack‘s tale. I even had several readers who would remind me that I had just left Jack hanging, and they wanted to know exactly what became of him.

What made it worse is that, although I had a vague idea of how the story would turn out, I honestly had no inkling how to get it from where it left off to the resolution. Periodically, I’d toss an idea around just to dismiss it and get back to the comic strips.

I rationalized to myself that Jack‘s tale was too big to create the way I did the Hard Time saga or the Zombie Tale. Those were stories I was/am proud of, but telling those took a huge toll on me that I didn’t think I was ready to tackle again.

Uncle Jack spy gloves pic passing Photofunia

Recently, I noticed that I had built up a comfortably-sized buffer with my AC daily comics. It was last April and I had enough comics to last me until the end of July. I could have kept crankin’ out the comedy, but something whispered in my ear to “Fall back, do something different”.

But, what?

Then it hit me. “George, why don’t you take this extra time to return to the story of Uncle Jack?”

I had the time and, for the first time in years, I had an idea percolating in the back of my mind about how to go about continuing the story.

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But I knew that I couldn’t tell it properly doing it daily on this website. I needed to make this saga a full-length comic book.

Perfect! Time to get it poppin’!

So, since May, I’ve been working on all-new Uncle Jack comics in attempts to finish the tale I started waaaayyy back in 2011.

I’m excited about it and happy as can be to be back working on one of my favorite AC characters of all-time.

Issue #1 of Uncle Jack is finished is available for download thru Amazon.

It’s ideal for the Kindle Fire, iPad, or any other mobile device or tablet. Plus, it’s available for the low, low price of $2.99!

What are ya waiting for? Click the pic below and order your copy of the first incredibly issue. You won’t be disappointed! πŸ˜€

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