Greetings, Dear Reader!

I want to share a bit of good news with you. The latest issue of my “Uncle Jack” comic series premieres June 20, 2019 only from Amazon. Uncle Jack #8 is Part 4 of the “Vicksburg Stealers” storyline.

In this issue Uncle Jack and his team of fellow elite government assassins have finally gotten the drop on their assigned target, Tommy ‘Clipper’ Ragan, the ruthless adversary of Governor Joseph Russell, the powerful politician who pulls their strings.

With Clipper in their clutches, can the Governor’s hit-squad convince him to spill his guts before they…uh…spill his guts for him?

Or does Clipper have an ace up his sleeve that will help him win after all?

Find out in this thrill-filled fourth installment of this high-stakes adventure!

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Here’s a sample preview of the comic: pages 15-17.

Hope you enjoy!

If you like these three pages, be sure and order the book to read the rest of this exciting tale!

Uncle Jack #8, page 15

Uncle Jack #8, page 16

Uncle Jack #8, page 17


I’m gonna just pause it right here, Valued Reader. I wanted to give you a little taste of what’s going on in issue 8 of Uncle Jack.

These pages gives a little insight on the early relationship that formed between two men. Tommy “Clipper” Ragan and Governor Joseph Russell (AKA Joey Ragan) share a rich history bonded by blood & loyalty.

In order to defeat their enemy, Uncle Jack and his teammates need to know their enemy. And all parties involved have a lotta learning to do.

Read Uncle Jack #8 to find out if their newly-gained intelligence will save their lives or guarantee their doom!