Aug 25Guess Who Isn’t Coming To Dinner
Aug 27Note-Worthy
Aug 29Regrets
Sep 1Absent Without Leaf
Sep 3Reservation For One
Sep 5Homework Sweet Homework
Sep 8Outrageous & Contagious
Sep 10Insomnia
Sep 12Keeping Your Cool
Sep 15A Breath Of Fresh Air
Sep 16Too Gross For Comfort
Sep 17Do The Right Thing
Sep 18To Bee Or Not To Bee
Sep 19Politics As Usual
Sep 22A Fish Best Served Cold
Sep 23Picture Perfect
Sep 24That Back-In-The-Day Technology
Sep 25Early Release
Sep 26Pushing Your Luck
Sep 29I’m A Big Kid Now
Sep 30Ol’ Skool Style


Apr 21Family Viewing
Apr 26Lazy Man’s Lottery
Sep 1Gotcha!
Sep 2Big Brother Is Watching
Sep 3Burn, Baby, Burn
Sep 4The Tooth Shall Set You Free
Sep 6The Facts Of Life
Sep 7The New Kid


Oct 4Guest Strip by Robert Matejcek of “Spilled Ink” Comics
Oct 5Guest Strip by Carlo Jose San Juan, MD of “Callous Comics”
Oct 6Guest Strip by Aidan Casserly of “Scapula”
Oct 7Guest Comic by “Bearman”
Oct 8Guest Strip by Dave Crews
Oct 9Guest Strip by Dawn Griffin of “Zorphbert and Fred”
Oct 10Guest Strip by Sandy Debreuil of “Crowbar Benson” Comic
Oct 11Guest Strip by Sean McLean of “Underwhelmed” Comic
Oct 12Guest Strip by Bo Lumpkin
Oct 13Guest Strip by Matt Barak & Donald Poquiz of “Straight Face Comics”
Oct 14Guest Strip by Katherine Curtis of “Our Perfect World”
Oct 15Guest Strip by Kevin Coulston of “Dylan McVillain”


Mar 1One Man’s Trash….
Mar 2Uncle Jack Meets ‘Not A People Person’
Mar 3The Hangover~ Phoning It In
Mar 4An Acquired taste
Mar 7Intervention
Mar 8Someone To Talk To
Mar 9Well, Excuuuuse Me…..
Mar 10Keeping Up With The Jonesing
Mar 11A Place For People Like You
Mar 14It Runs In The Family….Really Fast
Mar 15Nobody Knows The Troubles He’s Seen


Feb 1Dial Of Denial
Feb 2Extra-Friendly Reminder
Feb 3Return To Sinner
Feb 4AC Classic~ Desperation H
Feb 5AC Classic~ Expiration Date
Feb 6Weather Or Not It Makes Sense
Feb 7Employee Benefits
Feb 8Guest Comic by Mark Stokes, creator of “Zombie Boy”
Feb 9Remote Location
Feb 10Dead Wait
Feb 12AC Classic~ Urine Love With Me Now
Feb 13House Call
Feb 14Real Love~ Valentine’s Day 2012
Feb 15Fragrant Violation
Feb 16Goal Mine~ AC Guest Comic Warren Frantz of “Off Season”
Feb 17Got It For A Steal
Feb 20Tableside Manner
Feb 21In The Mood
Feb 22The Windbreaker
Feb 23Heaven Scent
Feb 24Anal-yzing & Interpreting
Feb 27Pillow Talk
Feb 28Just Like The Rest
Feb 29The Bluetooth Fairy
Mar 1Tee Shirk
Mar 2Dead Wrong
Mar 5Die With Your Boots On
Mar 6For Heaven’s Sake
Mar 7Master Probationer
Mar 8Hear-Say
Mar 9Daddy Issues
Mar 12Let The Catsup Out The Bag
Mar 13Get It Off Your Chest
Mar 14Saving Face


Jan 1Sandwich Control
Jan 2Ethical Treatment
Jan 3Attention Deficit
Jan 4The Extinguished Gentleman
Jan 7Big Baller
Jan 8Crazy Talk
Jan 9The Buddy System
Jan 10Time & Time Again
Jan 11Six Fiend
Jan 14Trick Daddy
Jan 15Cross-Examine
Jan 16Slime & Punishment
Jan 17Taken For A Ride
Jan 18Rare Books
Jan 21She’s An Extra-Large Medium
Jan 22Ms. Right Just Left
Jan 23Pre-Marital Vex
Jan 24The Outdoorsman
Jan 25Smell Phone
Jan 28Tangled Web
Jan 29Fair-Weather Friends
Jan 30It’s A Time Shame
Jan 31It Takes Two
Feb 1Bruised Clues
Mar 1Better Left Unsaid
Mar 4Read ‘Em And Weep
Mar 5Nocturnal Admission
Mar 6Indecent Disposal
Mar 7Mind Games
Mar 8The Dream Team
Mar 11I’m Yo’ Boogie Man (That’s What I Am)
Mar 12Garden Variety
Mar 13Started From The Bottoms
Mar 14Show Some Restraint
Mar 15Sauna-Gram


Feb 3For Your Viewing Pleasure
Mar 1AC Classic~ We All Scream When I Scream
Mar 2AC Classic~ Ye Of Little Faith
Mar 3No Cause For Alarm
Mar 4The Fruits Of Labor
Mar 5A Sight For Thor Eyes
Mar 6The Late Show
Mar 7Musical Jeers
Mar 8AC Classic~ Ain’t Too Proud To Bag
Dec 1Drip Drive
Dec 2Awkward Moments
Dec 3Law & Disorder
Dec 4Afterlife-time Achievements
Dec 5To A Tea


Jan 1Til Health Do Us Part
Jan 2A Crime Shame
Jan 5Nice Icebreaker
Jan 6Small Fry
Jan 7Daily Double~ Vex & Silence
Jan 8Meatier Takeout
Jan 9Flight Club
Jan 12Rub-A-Dub Dumb
Jan 13The Wind Section
Jan 14Clairvoyant Employment
Jan 15I’ll Drink To That
Jan 16Easy Writer
Jan 19Daily Double~ Idiot Proof
Jan 20Faster Food (Running Tab)
Jan 21Seethin’ Vegan
Jan 22Let Lying Dogs Sleep
Jan 23Package Deal
Jan 26Research And Unsettling Developments
Jan 27Hire Learning
Jan 28Environmental Protection
Jan 29Daily Double~ Teachin’ & Tweetin’
Jan 30Do Not Resuscitate
Feb 2Trade-In Value
Feb 3Words For Loss
Feb 4Daily Double~ All Bets Are Off
Feb 5Puff, Puff, Fail…
Feb 6To Dye For
Feb 9Inside Scoop
Feb 10Early Termination
Feb 11Rush Groove (Trappin’ Travis)
Feb 12Drumming Up Business
Feb 13Lots & Lots Of Love~ VD 2015
Feb 14AC Classic~ Valentine’s Day 2013
Feb 16Better Homes & Garbage
Feb 17Waiting Groom
Feb 18Watch-Dog
Feb 19Singled Out
Feb 20Filled With Guilt
Feb 23Coma Chameleon
Feb 24Ground Zero
Feb 25Moving Violation
Feb 26Daily Double~ Silly Stuff
Feb 27Provide Or Die
Mar 2On The Take
Mar 3The Ties That Bind
Mar 4Cut Your Losses
Mar 5Dream Chasing
Mar 6Hot To Jot
Mar 9Skate Gored
Mar 10Sink So Low
Mar 11Lemon-Aid
Mar 12Truth Or Daring
Mar 13Far-Fetched
Mar 16Snips Ahoy!
Mar 17Last Meal & Testament
Mar 18Squeeze Play
Mar 19Debt Wish
Mar 20Tester’s Choice
Mar 23Way Back When
Mar 24Good Eye-Dear
Mar 25You’re That Guy
Mar 26Getting Taken For A Ride
Mar 27Business As Unusual
Mar 30Reading Into It
Mar 31Speak Easy
Apr 1Being With You
Apr 2Disease Control
Apr 3Motion Picture Sickness
Apr 6Love Hurts
Apr 7Sharp Assessment
Apr 8Deal With It
Apr 9Money Walks
Apr 10Cereal Thriller
Apr 13Success Story
Apr 14Final Notice
Apr 15Stank For The Memories
Apr 16The Music Critic
Apr 17Opinionated And Hated
Apr 20Too Close For Comfort
Apr 21Eternal Bliss-ter
Apr 22A Gripping Tale
Apr 23Cross-Stresser
Apr 24Under Watchful Eyes
Apr 27Preparation H(arvey)
Apr 28Dog-Gone It, Man!
Apr 29Title Bout
Apr 30Hostile Sickness
May 1Miss Construed
May 4Guitar Heroine
May 5Inherit The Earthworms
May 6Separation Anxiety
May 7Gas Hold
May 8A Symbol Plan
May 11Holding Back
May 12All The Right Stuffing
May 13Cat Man Do
May 14Worker’s Compensation
May 15Fear & Loitering
May 18If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck….
May 19BrideSilly
May 20Smoke Signal
May 21Duct, Duct, Goosed
May 22Hurtin’ For Love
May 25Thunder Games
May 26Questionable Behavior
May 27When The Tough Get Going
May 28Solicitation Situation
May 29Everything In Its Place
Jun 1Injury Loves Company
Jun 2Get Toasted Before You’re Toast
Jun 3Daddy Issues
Jun 4Creepin’ It Real
Jun 5Middle Meddling
Jun 8One Tricked Pony
Jun 9Auto-Collect
Jun 10The Eyes Have It
Jun 11One Bad Mother (Shut Yo’ Mouth)
Jun 12I’m A Soul Man
Jun 15Time Flies When You’re Having Refund
Jun 16What’s The Hold Up?
Jun 17A Hardly Working Man
Jun 18Fancy That
Jun 19Maternal Flame
Jun 22Can’t Beat This Meet
Jun 23Research and Seizure
Jun 24Weight For It
Jun 25Applied Science
Jun 26Visual Communication
Jun 29That’s Nuts!
Jun 30Card Trick
Jul 1Surprise Package
Jul 2Time To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands
Jul 3Shake Your Duty
Jul 6Read ‘Em And Weep
Jul 7Careless Whisper
Jul 8Wager League
Jul 9The Life Of Wiley
Jul 10Everything You’d Witch For
Jul 13Surround Zounds!
Jul 14Prolifically Indirect
Jul 15Searchin’ Sacrifice
Jul 16Reasoning For The Seasoning
Jul 17How’s That Working Out For Ya?
Jul 20A Chump Off The Old Block
Jul 21The Lying’s Roar
Jul 22You’re All I Kneed
Jul 23Lenders Keepers
Jul 24Arizona Groaner
Jul 27Medical Straining
Jul 28An Inside Jab
Jul 29‘Fess Up To Mess Up
Jul 30Inebriated Proposal
Jul 31The Vegas Idea
Aug 3Funny Businessman
Aug 4Interview To A Kill
Aug 5Sketchy Artist
Aug 6From Boys To Mental
Aug 7Drinking And Jiving
Aug 10Life After Ex
Aug 11Work Smart, Not Hard
Aug 12Zero-Chance Romance
Aug 13Fitness Finesse
Aug 14Fable-Minded Fool
Aug 17Give Him The Rundown
Aug 18The French Correction
Aug 19Quiet Cry-It
Aug 20Separation Anxiety
Aug 21Spinal Tact
Aug 24Didn’t See That Coming
Aug 25ADDANAC CITY’s 7th Anniversary Special
Aug 26No Limit Soldier
Aug 27Mercy, Mercy Mean
Aug 28Fatal Distraction
Aug 31Chin Check
Sep 1Learning Curb
Sep 2Smooth Operator’s License
Sep 3Sink Or Swim
Sep 4Sweet Treat
Sep 7Italian Delight
Sep 8An Untrustworthy Source
Sep 9Wood If I Could
Sep 10Health Hath No Fury
Sep 11Automo-bilked
Sep 14Ill-Advised
Sep 15A Reflection Lasting More Than 4 Hours…?
Sep 16The Tooth Hurts
Sep 17Faults Advertising
Sep 18The Cost Of Love
Sep 21Team Player
Sep 22Alibi-Bye
Sep 23Book Sense
Sep 24Birthday Suitable
Sep 25Java Jargon
Sep 28Father Of The Bribe
Sep 29Killer Read
Sep 30Jogging Your Memory
Oct 1The Comeback Trail
Oct 2Light Support
Oct 5Unsolved Mr. E
Oct 6Gang Related
Oct 7Firing Position
Oct 8Grin Or Lose Situation
Oct 9Surprise & Demands
Oct 12Don’t Stop Believing
Oct 13A Time To Thrill
Oct 14Neighborhood Wash
Oct 15Fruit Punched
Oct 16Solve The Misery
Oct 19Doggie Treated
Oct 20Side Dish
Oct 21And The Beast Goes On
Oct 22Some Like It Haunt
Oct 23I Really Dig This Job
Oct 26Full’s Gold
Oct 27The Latest Thing
Oct 28Sick Cleave
Oct 29Mystery Loves Company
Oct 30AC Classic~ Halloweenies
Oct 31Trick Or Treat~ The Wizards of Odd
Nov 2Dad To The Bone
Nov 3Let The Faucet be With You
Nov 4Can’t Hold Back
Nov 5Para-Know-Ya-Right
Nov 6Child’s Play
Nov 7Addanac Flashback~ Whodunit?
Nov 8Addanac Flashback~ Falling Prices
Nov 9Straight Buggin’
Nov 10Crime Time
Nov 11True Defective
Nov 12Money Shot
Nov 13Bacon It To The Limit
Nov 16Dentist To Society
Nov 17Swiss Cheap
Nov 18Problem Resolution
Nov 19Buried Sentiments
Nov 20Cop A Feeling
Nov 21Addanac Flashback~ Maybe Daddy
Nov 22Addanac Flashback~ Happily Never After
Nov 23Reading The Signals
Nov 24Pile of Winnings
Nov 25Forget Me Nuts
Nov 26AC Thanksgiving 2015~ Fowl Pray
Nov 27Black Fright-Day
Nov 28Addanac Flashback~ A Burning Sensation
Nov 29Addanac Flashback~ Stocking Suffer
Nov 30Wi-Fi To Die For
Dec 1To Heir Is Human
Dec 2May The Horse Be With You
Dec 3Order More Office Surprise
Dec 4Vowels & Consonants (Bowels & Continence)
Dec 5Canine, Ten, Eleven
Dec 7Nice Heist
Dec 8Disgraced Anatomy
Dec 9Home Groan
Dec 10Tears For Fears
Dec 11Get To The Points
Dec 12Addanac Flashback~ Light Work
Dec 13Addanac Flashback~ Yearn To Learn
Dec 14Gotta Give Her Credit…Card
Dec 15Exterior Motive
Dec 16Kung Fool Fighting
Dec 17A Turd For The Worst
Dec 18Oh, Christmas Treat
Dec 19Addanac Flashback~ Read ‘Em And Weep
Dec 20Addanac Flashback~ Christmas 2013
Dec 21Sleep-Depraved
Dec 22Receiving Is Believing
Dec 23Stocking Suffer
Dec 24Beyond Description
Dec 25Christmas Crisis
Dec 28Awkward Position
Dec 29Upper Crust
Dec 30Sure Cure
Dec 31Search Party


Jan 1Out With The Mold, In With The Nuisance
Jan 2Volume Control
Jan 3Shovel Trouble
Jan 4Singled Out
Jan 5Ride Or Die Chick
Jan 6Lemme Mullet Over
Jan 7Give It A Shot
Jan 8Past & Presents
Jan 11Ladies’ Mantra
Jan 12If The Shoot Fits
Jan 13Daily Double Dumbness
Jan 14Mad Man
Jan 15Foot Prince/ Speak The Languish
Jan 16Armed Farces
Jan 17Father Figured
Jan 18Seething Double
Jan 19The Working Clash
Jan 20Swing Low
Jan 21Stay Strapped
Jan 22Whine And Dine
Jan 23Welcome To The Weak End
Jan 24Masters Of This, Guys
Jan 25Good ‘Til The Last Drops
Jan 26Grave Mistake
Jan 27Nuthin’ But The Tooth
Jan 28Skid Rowing
Jan 29Takes The Cake
Jan 30Down Memory Lame
Jan 31Model Behavior
Feb 1An Inside Job
Feb 2Everybody Rants Now
Feb 3To Infinity and Beyonce
Feb 4The Bounce That Counts
Feb 5Lost & Confound
Feb 6Preamble Gamble
Feb 7Super Bowled Over
Feb 8Bonnie & Clod
Feb 9Heavier Metal Music
Feb 10News Flash & Ill Advised
Feb 11Chained Mail & Meow’s Your Memory
Feb 12Poll Dancing
Feb 14ADDANAC FLASHBACK~ Happy Valentine’s Day
Feb 15Credit Report
Feb 16Higher-ing Process
Feb 17The Tooth Is In The Pulling
Feb 18Ostra-Sized
Feb 19Contact Hi & Llama Chameleon
Feb 20How The Best Was One
Feb 21Spell-Shocked
Feb 22Mr. Excitement
Feb 23Grammar And Nail
Feb 24Do’s & Donuts
Feb 25Give It Your Awful
Feb 26Preaching To The Quiet
Feb 27Hot Tub Sublime Machine
Feb 28Early Turd Special
Feb 29Knowledge Is Sour
Mar 1Horsin’ Around Wit’ Yo’ Mama
Mar 2NO Problem
Mar 3Sweet Dreams
Mar 4An Office You Can’t Refute
Mar 5Two Much
Mar 6Hot Tub Sublime Machine 2
Mar 7In The Moo’ed
Mar 8The Exor-Sick
Mar 9Live & Let Diet
Mar 10Shock Treatment
Mar 11Law & Ogre
Mar 12Hot Heir
Mar 13How Sleet It Is
Mar 14Phone It In
Mar 15Pick-Up Hardest
Mar 16Not-So-Great Expectations
Mar 17Take A Licking
Mar 18Lee me Alone
Mar 19Witch Will Thinking
Mar 20For Better Or Workout
Mar 21Quite A Mouthful
Mar 22Reverse Discrimination
Mar 23Getaway Jiver
Mar 24Sharp Assessment
Mar 25Pure Pun-ishment
Mar 26Addanac Flashback~ Fruitless Punch
Mar 28Wash What Happens
Mar 29Selfie-Inflicted
Mar 30That Relationship Has Sailed
Mar 31Far From It
Apr 1Adding Fool To The Fire
Apr 2Optimist Primed
Apr 3Clothed Encounter
Apr 4Misshapen Identity
Apr 5Must Be Nuts
Apr 6If The Shoo Fits
Apr 7The Big Sinned-Off
Apr 8Live Or Diet
Apr 9Addanac Flashback~ A Perfect Takeoff
Apr 10Addanac Flashback~ Marriage Disposal
Apr 11Special Needs
Apr 12Fish Scale Fail
Apr 13Something To Chew On
Apr 14Down For The Count
Apr 15Dr. Jiggle & Mr. Hide
Apr 16Edible Deadables
Apr 17House Cleaning
Apr 18Favor For A Favor
Apr 19Leaky Force It
Apr 20Federal Expression
Apr 21The Rogue Less Traveled
Apr 22Nothing To Sneeze At/ The Hungry Games
Apr 23Master Debating
Apr 24Like A Boss!
Apr 25Big League Choo-Choo
Apr 26Moment Of Weaknesses
Apr 27Garbage Proposal
Apr 28Very Sketchy, Indeed
Apr 29Mega-Byte Off More Than You Can Chew
Apr 30Wipeout!
May 1Ruse Of Engagement
May 2No Admittance
May 3Spread The Worst
May 4Tenants Elbowed
May 5Bounce Amounts
May 6More Bang For Your Pluck
May 7A Sucky Situation
May 8Search Inchin’
May 9Cargo Kidder
May 10Not To Be Plucked With
May 11Clued & Screwed
May 12Chains Of Plans
May 13Timely Tunes
May 14Deciding Factor
May 15Leave ‘Em In Stitches
May 16There’s Something Wrong With Hank’s Adds
May 17Bad Goodbye
May 18Me Time
May 19Fairway Play
May 20Say It Ain’t Swole
May 21Run Of The Meal
May 23Kidder Instinct
May 24Mind Games
May 25It Ain’t Over ‘Til….
May 26Afterlife Aspirations
May 27A Sight For Eye-Sores
May 30Speedy Recovery
May 31Solo Venture
Jun 1No Strange Attached
Jun 2Round Numbers
Jun 3Pigeon Me off
Jun 6Trial-Sizer
Jun 7A Tail Of Whoa
Jun 8Bi-Weakly
Jun 9Carnal-vores
Jun 10Reason For The Policing
Jun 13The Big Snack-Down
Jun 14Cynic Duty
Jun 15About That Life
Jun 16Surprise Fighter
Jun 17The Medieval That Men Do
Jun 20Pummel Granted
Jun 21Good Times
Jun 22Search & Wreck You
Jun 23Shock Weak
Jun 24Daddy’s Boy
Jun 27Better Off Dad
Jun 28Just Call My Name
Jun 29Is The Doctor In….Sane?
Jun 30Work From Home
Jul 1Hands-In Experience
Jul 2Addanac Flashback~ Independence Dazed 2013
Jul 3Addanac Flashback~ Impenetrable Fourth Feel 2014
Jul 4ADDANAC FLASHBACK~ Excessive Fourth
Jul 5Saw Right Thru That One
Jul 6Job Description
Jul 7First Rule…
Jul 8The Pros & Convicts
Jul 11Paranoia Like I Know Ya
Jul 12Soap For The Troubled Soul
Jul 13How Logo Can You Go?
Jul 14From Bags To Reaches
Jul 15Status Update
Jul 18Purr-fect Health
Jul 19Grandfatherly Advice
Jul 20Who’s The Boss?
Jul 21Spare No Expense
Jul 22Love On The Run
Jul 25“Uncle Jack” #1 Pgs. 1 & 2 Preview
Jul 26“Uncle Jack” #1 Pgs. 3 & 4 Preview
Jul 27“Uncle Jack” #1 Pgs. 5 & 6 Preview
Jul 28Friends With Vehemence
Jul 29The Quick & The Dead Last
Jul 30Color Me Badly
Aug 1Poetry & Motrin
Aug 2Flipping Out
Aug 3Compliments With Conviction
Aug 4Dog-gone It!
Aug 5Return of the Dad Eye
Aug 8Only Gets Better
Aug 9Go Goal
Aug 10Better Letter
Aug 11Calm The Salvaged Beast
Aug 12Generation X’ed Out
Aug 15If Looking Could Kill
Aug 16That Makes Me Sick!
Aug 17Search Surge
Aug 18Relaxes What You Preach
Aug 19Evidently….
Aug 22Forever Is A Mighty Long Time
Aug 23A Nut In Shining Armor
Aug 24Reflect Wild Dysfunction
Aug 25AC’s 8th Anniversary!
Aug 26Liquid Assets
Aug 29File For Unenjoyment
Aug 30Mind Over Mutter
Aug 31Probable Claws
Sep 1Complex Fracture
Sep 2Weeding Out The Bad Stuff
Sep 5A Picture’s Worth A Thousand
Sep 6Entrance Interest
Sep 7We’ll Look Into That For You
Sep 8Medical Alert
Sep 9Fear & Loving
Sep 12Boogie Mantra
Sep 13A House Is Not A Homie
Sep 14Cinnamon Role Play
Sep 15Memory Lost
Sep 16Exer-sized Up
Sep 19Better Never Than Late
Sep 20Wet Dreaming
Sep 21Dressed To Fill
Sep 22Vehicle Man’s Laughter
Sep 23Recognition Wishin’
Sep 26You’ve Got Nail!
Sep 27Penn State Vs. State Pen
Sep 28Courting A Lady
Sep 29Sip Tip
Sep 30Those Pals Of Mine
Oct 3Mixed Flukes
Oct 4Let’s Get Physical
Oct 5Oh, Happy Day
Oct 6Wedded Blisters
Oct 7Just A Mister Understanding
Oct 10Start Wars
Oct 11Is There A Proctor In The House?
Oct 12Boogie Men
Oct 13Good Grief!
Oct 14Culture Clubbed
Oct 17Throwback Thinking
Oct 18Grandfatherly Wisdom
Oct 19Undergarment District
Oct 20Musical Jeers
Oct 21Signature Move
Oct 24Animal Instincts
Oct 25Choose Or Lose
Oct 26Wife Or Death Scenario
Oct 27Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch
Oct 28Make The Call
Oct 31Halloween Fiends
Nov 1Straight Up Facts
Nov 2Street Wise
Nov 3Hit Record
Nov 4Got It Write The First Time
Nov 7Dinner Winner
Nov 8#1 With A Ballot (Voter Turnout Burnout)
Nov 9Science Friction
Nov 10The Balking Wed
Nov 11High Score
Nov 14That Really Blows
Nov 15Spy Love You
Nov 16Stocks And Bondage
Nov 17Babies Hit Me One More Time
Nov 18He’s Lovin’ It!
Nov 21Man With A Plan
Nov 22Mind Games
Nov 23Can I Get A Witness?
Nov 24A Thanksgiving Classic
Nov 25Black Eye Friday
Nov 28Good To The Last Drop Dead
Nov 29For Better Or Words
Nov 30Sweet Truth
Dec 1Allergic Redaction
Dec 2Gift Hoarse
Dec 5Mr. Write
Dec 6By Popular Demand
Dec 7Don’t Be An Ice Hole
Dec 8Risk Management
Dec 9Compliments To The Shmuck
Dec 12Cussed ‘Em Custom
Dec 13Send In The Clouds
Dec 14Hard To Swallow
Dec 15Piles Of Aisles
Dec 16The Path Of Least Redundance
Dec 19Rendered Speechless
Dec 20Saddest Status
Dec 21Snip Slip
Dec 22A Lil’ Give And Take
Dec 23Giving It Your All
Dec 24Decoration H
Dec 25An AC Christmas Classic
Dec 26Got The Runs
Dec 27Vex & Silence
Dec 28What’s The Words That Can Happen?
Dec 29Honesty Is The Best Possibly
Dec 30All My Children


Jan 2Grounds For Dismissal
Jan 3Death & Dumb
Jan 4Dependents Day
Jan 5Mute Point
Jan 6Whodunit?
Jan 9Fantasy Wildin’
Jan 10First-Time Caller
Jan 11Bad News Bearer
Jan 12Tech-NO!
Jan 13Footloose
Jan 16Uncontrollable Urges
Jan 17Well, Isn’t That Special
Jan 18XL Medium
Jan 19The Last Gasp
Jan 20My Mane Man
Jan 23Glass Hold
Jan 24Sleeping Pilfer
Jan 25An Inside Job
Jan 26Reminiscin’ Mission
Jan 27Too Close Encounter
Jan 30Photo Finished
Jan 31Lifelong Commitment
Feb 1Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Feb 2Snow Drift Thrift
Feb 3Gym Dandy
Feb 6Anything Goes
Feb 7On The Outs
Feb 8Hocus Pocus Joke Us
Feb 9News Nuisance
Feb 10A Real Ladies Man
Feb 13Laying Down The In-Law
Feb 14This Valentine’s Day Is Gonna Be Yuuuuge!
Feb 15Out-Of-Booty Experience
Feb 16Leaf It To Chance
Feb 17Small Change
Feb 20Vita-mentality
Feb 21Gift Hoarse
Feb 22Snip-Snap
Feb 23Splashdance
Feb 24Room With A Fume
Feb 27Mystery Meet
Feb 28Dilute Pursuit
Mar 1Late Tease First
Mar 2That Really Takes The Cake
Mar 3Spuds, No Suds
Mar 6No Muzzle On Your Guzzle
Mar 7Problem Solvent
Mar 8Another One Bites The Clucks
Mar 9It Dawned On Me
Mar 10A Man With Vision
Mar 13Bring The Pain
Mar 14The Passion Of The Crisis
Mar 15Clean Get Away
Mar 16The Farm Assist
Mar 17A Startling Start
Mar 20Let Free Dumb Reign
Mar 21Muscle Sprouts
Mar 22Global Positioning
Mar 23Area Of Expert Tease
Mar 24Identifying Mark-Up
Mar 27Spell-Breaker
Mar 28Skeptical Healing
Mar 29I Got The Hook Up
Mar 30Sugar-Coated Comedy
Mar 31Choose To Lose
Apr 3The Cannibal Run
Apr 4Sweet Tooth Truth
Apr 5Crappucino
Apr 6The Fast & The Curious
Apr 7To Teach His Own
Apr 10I Could Do It With My Eyes Closed
Apr 11See It Thru
Apr 12Sleazy Rider
Apr 13Don’t Call It A Comeback
Apr 14Well-Enlightened
Apr 17Time To Chill
Apr 18Gone With The Winded
Apr 19All About Image
Apr 20Pro Bozo Case
Apr 21Burning Desire
Apr 24Neither Here Nor There
Apr 25Sister Act
Apr 26Bear Essentials
Apr 27What Feeble Works In The Hearts Of Men
Apr 28Sugar & Spike
May 1Clear Understanding
May 2The Chef Should’ve Left
May 3Pick Up The Pace
May 4Ham It Up
May 5It’s About Time
May 8Sunny & Share
May 9One Cool Cat
May 10High-Falutin’ Tootin’
May 11Chip Tease
May 12Piece On Earth
May 15Great Expectations
May 16A Fighting Chance
May 17Best Bet Threat Yet
May 18Legible, Edible, and Unforgettable
May 19Fire When Ready
May 22Fruit Pursuit
May 23Twice As Nice
May 24Rising Crime Rate
May 25A Run For Your Money
May 26Extreme Cover Up
May 29The Golden-Brown Age
May 30Intelli-Gently
May 31The Kitchen Synced
Jun 1Top Of The Charts
Jun 2Condiments To The Chef
Jun 5It’s The Thoughtless That Counts
Jun 6End Zone
Jun 7Digital Countdown
Jun 8Atilla The Huh (Noise N Tha Hood)
Jun 9Against All Oddballs
Jun 12Ready Or Nuts
Jun 13Six Feet Cheap
Jun 14Making A Seen
Jun 15Say “Cheese”!
Jun 16Minimum Overdrive
Jun 19A Friendly “Words”
Jun 20Wait & See
Jun 21Will Do
Jun 22Hear We Go Again
Jun 23Bereave It Or Not
Jun 26Baby Steps
Jun 27Brand Ban
Jun 28Confidence Booster
Jun 29Pillow Talk
Jun 30Own Up To Being Grown Up
Jul 3Cable Tee-Hee
Jul 4Fool Coverage
Jul 5Hot Mail
Jul 6Hell’ed Back
Jul 7The Dome Zone
Jul 10Call Of Dookie
Jul 11Cover Girl
Jul 12Bros Before Ghosts
Jul 13Far And Away
Jul 14Flight Club
Jul 17Short Staffed
Jul 18Flower Power
Jul 19From Bad To Words
Jul 20Plan Ahead
Jul 21Really Sticking Your Neck Out
Jul 24Awful Lawful
Jul 25No Kidding
Jul 26Empty Threats
Jul 27Watchful Care
Jul 28Infantile Behavior
Jul 31Doesn’t Get Any Better
Aug 1Clear The Way
Aug 2The Plain Truth
Aug 3Rhythmic Blues
Aug 4Fruit And Fibers
Aug 6Choose To Chew
Aug 7Manner Mania
Aug 8While The Getting’s Good
Aug 9Total Eclipse Of The Car
Aug 10Trash Talkin’
Aug 11Interior Desecration
Aug 14Low Interest Rate
Aug 15Hard Day’s Night
Aug 16Eye-Witless
Aug 17Sure Leave
Aug 18True Or Faults
Aug 21Fair Pray
Aug 22Fowl Playful
Aug 23Weak Dazed
Aug 24Only Have Eyes For You
Aug 25Addanac City’s 9th Anniverary!
Aug 28The Reveal Deal
Aug 29Heat Defeat
Aug 30Tell-Tale Heartless
Aug 31Listen Hear
Sep 1Animal Slackers
Sep 4Living Conditions
Sep 5Cher Thing, Sir!
Sep 6Repeat Defender
Sep 7Going Places
Sep 8Mood Swinger
Sep 11Pay Per Few
Sep 12Down With The King
Sep 13Please Press Remind
Sep 14High-Yield Yearning
Sep 15Here’s Lookin’ At You, Lloyd
Sep 18Ongoing Situation
Sep 19Lowriders
Sep 20Death Notes
Sep 21Better Done Than Said
Sep 22First Priority
Sep 25Highway To Helping
Sep 26Yeah, He Went There
Sep 27Cold Hard Facts
Sep 28Be My Guest
Sep 29Cell Phony
Oct 2Wash What Happens
Oct 3Worst Case Lothario
Oct 4Moan & Grown
Oct 5Medical Leave
Oct 6My Spendless Love
Oct 9Obey Your Curse
Oct 10Tinder Love (Wife Fight Signal)
Oct 11Wish Hunt
Oct 12Kiss & Tell
Oct 13Heavy Wait Contender
Oct 16Assume The Position
Oct 17May The Forcefulness Be With You
Oct 18That’ll Work
Oct 19Jogging (and) Your Memory
Oct 20True Blue Blues
Oct 23iKnow
Oct 24Appetite Depressant
Oct 25Visitation Rites
Oct 26A Time To Gill
Oct 27Costume Jury
Oct 30Dress For Success
Nov 1Lost & Foundation
Nov 2False Tease
Nov 3Lettuce Pray
Nov 7Drive and Ambition
Nov 8Party Pooper Pup
Nov 9More Snore In Store
Nov 10Take The Beltway
Nov 13Basic Train-ing
Nov 14Learning Curl
Nov 15Use It Or Lose It
Nov 16Shoos On The Other Foot
Nov 17Dude Date
Nov 20Credit Scarred
Nov 21Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch
Nov 22The Temping Point
Nov 23ADDANAC FLASHBACK~ Thanksgiving
Nov 24ADDANAC FLASHBACK~ Exclusive, Elusive, and Abusive (Black Fried Day)
Nov 27That’s The Ship
Nov 28Greenest Envy
Nov 29A Real People Person
Nov 30Slick Talk
Dec 1Grave Mistake
Dec 4My True Love Gave Up On Me…
Dec 5Wishful Thinking
Dec 6Hidden Figures
Dec 7House M.D.?
Dec 8Gummy Bared
Dec 11Close Save
Dec 13Sound Affect
Dec 14Castle Hassle
Dec 15Finds & Penalties
Dec 18Cash Crop
Dec 19Slumber Partly
Dec 20Leadership Goals
Dec 21Butter Pick On
Dec 22Lift Your Spirits
Dec 25Just Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire (AC Christmas Memories)
Dec 26The Other Have
Dec 27Problem Solver
Dec 28Who Goes There?
Dec 29Party Time


Jan 1Drag King
Jan 2Self-Serving
Jan 3Miz Understanding
Jan 4Service Tension
Jan 5Top Quality
Jan 8Well-Known
Jan 9Shade In The 2nd Degree
Jan 10E(VASE)iveness
Jan 11Common Consents
Jan 12Wants Upon A Time
Jan 15All The Right Tough
Jan 16Early To Rise
Jan 17Attitude Adjusted
Jan 18A Few Bytes Here And There
Jan 19Understanding The Point
Jan 22Just You Weight
Jan 23Lead Zinger
Jan 24Question Mock
Jan 25Critical Acclaim
Jan 26Short Stop
Jan 29Life Without Cajole
Jan 30Choose To Booze
Jan 31Wall Mark Shopping
Feb 1Green Thumbs Down
Feb 2Beast Or Famine
Feb 5Stick And Move
Feb 6Light Slight
Feb 7For The Good Times
Feb 8The Wild Wild Wet
Feb 9Science Un-Fair
Feb 12Slow N’ Tell
Feb 13Throw The Book At Him
Feb 14Groom, Broom, and a Dust Plan
Feb 15Lent Lament
Feb 16Death Before Dis Drama
Feb 19Only Time Will Dwell
Feb 20Technical Difficulty
Feb 21Making A Comeback
Feb 22The Great Communicator
Feb 23Self-Sufficient
Feb 26See-Thru Negligence
Feb 27Seeing Eye Dodge
Feb 28Yay Or Neigh
Mar 1Rip Tied
Mar 2Bear Facts
Mar 5Take It In Stride
Mar 6None For Me, Thank You
Mar 7Your Grades Are Numbered, Young Man
Mar 8Home Is Where The Bark Is
Mar 9Symbol Simon
Mar 12BOLO (Be On The Lookout)
Mar 13Networking Nutzo
Mar 14Weight Strainer
Mar 15Hot Flashes
Mar 16Listen In The Wind
Mar 19Love Alert
Mar 20Film-Flam
Mar 21Job Insecurity
Mar 22Chews To Live
Mar 23Cop A Please
Mar 26Mystery Mister
Mar 27Vegan Teasin’ (No Harm, No Fowl)
Mar 28Sweet Hour Of Player
Mar 29These Brutes Were Made For Walking
Mar 30Paid In Fool
Apr 1April Fool’s Family Jewels
Apr 2Movie Violations
Apr 3Built For Guilt
Apr 4Dirty Work
Apr 5What A Comeback
Apr 6Moniker Lewinsky
Apr 9Optical Allusion
Apr 10Spaced Out
Apr 11To Teach Her Own
Apr 12Financial Ties
Apr 13The Champagne Of Fears
Apr 16Fowl Plate
Apr 17Humble Beginnings
Apr 18Job Search Surge
Apr 19Muscle Hustle
Apr 20Protective Custody
Apr 23Data (Instant) Recovery
Apr 24Film-Flam
Apr 25Just Canned Explain It
Apr 26When One Commodore Closes…
Apr 27This Blood’s For You
Apr 30Buck Wild
May 1Calls It Like He Sees It
May 2Itemized For Private Eyes
May 3Burn & Learn
May 4Anti-Social Medium
May 7Talk Dirty
May 8In Hot Water Again
May 9Book Smarts
May 10Sweet Nuthin’s
May 11Un-Fair Play
May 14Meat And Greet
May 15Shoe Or False?
May 16Conversation Peace
May 17Believe It Or Nuts
May 18At Close Range
May 21Don’t Believe Me– Just Watch
May 22Group Special
May 23Wear & Terrible
May 24A Chosen View
May 25Sight Unseen
May 28Saurus Loser
May 29Worth Your Wait
May 30Tune Def
May 31Crash Coarse
Jun 1Sick Burn
Jun 6The Garment Dissing
Jun 7Ya Gotta Hand It To Her
Jun 8Daddy 2.0 Update
Jun 9Burning Passion
Jun 12Bear Essentials
Jun 13‘Gotchi Gotcha!
Jun 14In The Spirit
Jun 15Dog Gone Fun
Jun 18Typo Negative
Jun 19Drive Shaft
Jun 21Hollow If Ya Hear Me
Jun 22All Respect Dude
Jun 25Wetting Night
Jun 26Howdy Duty
Jun 27Got The Runs
Jun 28The Price Of Admitting
Jun 29Work Relief Program
Jul 2Assault & Pep
Jul 3Jest Cause
Jul 4The Force Of July (Addanac Flashback)
Jul 5Seed Dispersal
Jul 6Hedge Rush
Jul 9Record Of The Year
Jul 10Tread Carefully
Jul 11Hair Apparent
Jul 12The Sports Seen
Jul 13Best De-Fence
Jul 16Drive Wave
Jul 17Private Damper
Jul 18Stuck On You, Boo
Jul 19All In How You Look At It
Jul 20Water Prove
Jul 23Classy Act
Jul 24The Comeback Kick
Jul 25Man’s Laughter Charge
Jul 26Sensual Tension
Jul 27An Uplifting Career
Jul 30Questionable Belabor
Jul 31The Loan Arranger & Pronto
Aug 1Forged In Steal
Aug 2Bell Ringer
Aug 3Inept Nuptials
Aug 6Take A Stab At It
Aug 7Keep It Moving
Aug 8Movie Violations
Aug 9What The Ale?
Aug 10A Heated Discussion
Aug 13Blemish Finish
Aug 14Baby Fat
Aug 15Born Identity
Aug 16Sweet Talk Your Way
Aug 17Spoiled Ilk
Aug 20Final Estimation
Aug 21Door Stop
Aug 22Under Your Spell
Aug 23Walk This Way
Aug 24ADDANAC CITY’S 10th Web Anniversary!
Aug 25ADDANAC FLASHBACK: Classic 6th Anniversary Special 2014
Aug 27Album Bummer
Aug 28Groan-Ups
Aug 29Intolerable Behavior
Aug 30Straight Outta Competent
Aug 31When A Twit Tweets
Sep 3The Hurt Lauder
Sep 4Tastemakers
Sep 5Ready Prayer One
Sep 6Kicking Ashes
Sep 7Loony Eclipse
Sep 10What’s Eating You?
Sep 11Watch And Ware
Sep 12Labor Dazed
Sep 13Sub-Par Dining
Sep 14Loss Pretension
Sep 17Shark Weak
Sep 18A Hard Day
Sep 19Honey, I Junked The Crib
Sep 20Dream Job
Sep 21Kid Stuff
Sep 24Petty Zoo
Sep 25Profit Prophecy
Sep 26Children Of The Corny
Sep 27Made To Order
Sep 28You Got The Look (Finders Weepers)
Oct 1Lowdown Lows
Oct 2Gone Without A Traipse
Oct 3Tooth Proof
Oct 4Art Schooled
Oct 5Put Some RESPECK On My Name
Oct 8Bet Jurassic We Will
Oct 9Bar None
Oct 10More Counts To The Ounce
Oct 11Pees & Cues
Oct 12Self Center
Oct 15Peek-A-Boo, Boo
Oct 16Eating Out
Oct 17Pen Pals
Oct 18Having A Fit
Oct 19First Response
Oct 22Test Of Character
Oct 23Time Management
Oct 24Civil Rice Worker
Oct 25Medical Findings
Oct 26Home Groan
Oct 29Point Of Mo’ Return
Oct 30Getting To The Bottom
Nov 1Love At First Blight
Nov 2Second-Based
Nov 3Deepest Wish, Wetted Bliss
Nov 6Pretty Sketchy To Me
Nov 7Caloric Outtake
Nov 8Mind Over Brain Matter
Nov 9Thickness Protection
Nov 12Downfall
Nov 13Wake Ugh Call
Nov 14Wet Wise
Nov 15Slapped In The Faith
Nov 16A Weddin’ & A Guessin’
Nov 19Under Pres-sure


Jul 1Name Your Pride
Jul 3Face The Musing
Jul 5Dumb & Number
Jul 8Meet Me Halfway-Crazy
Jul 10Acceptance Screech
Jul 12It’s A Numbers Game
Jul 15Math Manic
Jul 17Dying To Tell You
Jul 19Preaching To The Dryer
Jul 22What Job Applications Really Mean
Jul 24Need For Greed
Jul 26Irritable Vowel Syndrome
Jul 29Gullible’s Travels (Go Fun Me, TrickStarter Campaign)
Jul 31Better Safe Than Sore-y
Aug 2No Kidding, Pal
Aug 5Steal Healthy
Aug 7Feature Presentation
Aug 9Going To The Dogs (K-9 Fine)
Aug 12Deity Details
Aug 14Going Belly Up
Aug 16Wardrobe Malfunction
Aug 19Furs Date Jitters
Aug 21Insider Treating
Aug 23Birth Quake
Aug 26It’s Your Clucky Day
Aug 28Headspin Cycle
Aug 30Fool Coverage
Sep 2Slick Talk
Sep 4Less To Impress
Sep 6Meal Fit For A Kink
Sep 9Hysterical Fiction
Sep 11Truth Be Told
Sep 13Heavy Meddle
Sep 16Color Me Bad
Sep 18At Your Disposal
Sep 20Age Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Wonder
Sep 23Vengeance Is Mindless
Sep 25Leave Well Enough Atone
Sep 27Secret Aging Man
Sep 30Exceeding His Band-Width
Oct 2Fear Fracture
Oct 4Know You Don’t!
Oct 7Cold Call
Oct 9Whatever Floats Your Quote
Oct 11Test Tickle
Oct 14Same Name Blame Game
Oct 16Roll Play
Oct 18Trip Wired
Oct 21The Stalk Market
Oct 23Horror Scope
Oct 25Invinci-Bull
Oct 28Less Is Mourn
Oct 30Halloween Holla-Back (2013)
Nov 1Retirement Plan
Nov 4One With Everything
Nov 6Groom & Doom
Nov 8The Pente-Cost
Nov 11Slow Burn
Nov 13Double Up
Nov 15Ooh, You Dirty Rat
Nov 18Alphabetic Dis-Order
Nov 20Indecent Proposal
Nov 22Relation-Shipped Out
Nov 25Wet Dreams
Nov 27Who’s The Turkey Here?
Dec 23Shop Flop
Dec 24An Inside Job
Dec 25Christmas Vacation