Harvey Addanac. Recovering alcoholic. Father of tiny-terror, Hank Addanac. Husband of Simone Addanac. Harvey's trying to keep his sanity intact, but between family, friends, and work, he may find himself on a fast track to the loony bin soon.

Comics: 401
Recent Appearance: An Inside Job
First Appearance: Insomnia


Comics: 256
Recent Appearance: An Inside Job
First Appearance: Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner

Gus Gentry

Gus has a heart of gold to match his gut of goodness. This retiree spends his time mostly bickering with his wife, Tilsie, and goofing around with his pal, Leland Addanac. All Gus wants in life is to enjoy a cold beer and a hot meal without his wife admonishing him about it.

Comics: 188
Recent Appearance: Shop Flop
First Appearance: The Extinguished Gentleman


Mrs. Simone Addanac does it all. She's a full-time real estate agent, full-time wife, and a full-time mother to the town's most irascible rascal, Hank. With everything on her plate constantly, it's a wonder that this city's favorite MILF is able to find time for herself. Good thing she has her head on straight.

Comics: 172
Recent Appearance: Who's The Turkey Here?
First Appearance: Guess Who Isn't Coming To Dinner


Dwayne Connor may be the coolest dude in Addanac City. Despite being married to his high school sweetheart, Shauna, and being the father of a whopping five kids, Dwayne always keeps his head up and never lets anything get him down. He's often the voice of reason for his close friend, Harvey, who takes everything way too seriously sometimes.

Comics: 164
Recent Appearance: Ooh, You Dirty Rat
First Appearance: Pillow Talk


As a transfer student at Addanac City University, Travis gets to observe many of the citizens of Addanac City from an outsider's perspective. His hometown is certainly nothing like this place. Travis' favorite pastime is searching for his perfect soulmate, but so far, his luck has been less than great. Will Travis ever graduate and meet the woman of his dreams? Well, that remains to be seen....

Comics: 152
Recent Appearance: Wet Dreams
First Appearance: Show Some Restraint

Dr. Proctor

Dr. Nathaniel Proctor (or Doc Proc as he is sometimes referred to) is the consummate puzzle wrapped in an enigma. He is ADDANAC CITY's favorite (worst?) physician, but he is always ready and available to dispense his medical wisdom to whomever has the funds to pay for it. Proctor is a notorious gambler when constantly stays on the brink of trouble when it comes to dealing with his many bookies and "sporting agents" who may or may not work for more nefarious enterprises. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Dr. Proctor. His early life is a mystery and his current one isn't too easy to figure out either. Is he who he says he is? Hmm....

Comics: 125
Recent Appearance: Indecent Proposal
First Appearance: Dead Wait


As the father of Harvey and the grandfather of Hank, Leland has his hands full trying to play mentor to his troubled progeny. While enjoying his retirement, you can easily find this paranoid hypochondriac plotting and scheming with his thick-as-thieves cronies, Gus and Amos.

Comics: 123
Recent Appearance: Double Up
First Appearance: It Runs In The Family….Really Fast


Having Gus Gentry for a husband would drive any other woman totally bonkers, but Tilsie Gentry is well-prepared to handle the big lug. She's optimistic and loving, but she can swiftly transform into a wiley warrior when challenged. She's the perfect lady to keep Gus in check.

Comics: 112
Recent Appearance: Shop Flop
First Appearance: Rub-A-Dub Dumb

Dr. Rorshach

Dr. Rorshach began her career in ADDANAC CITY serving as a school psychologist at Addanac City Elementary. After far too much exposure to the school's worst-behaved student, Hank Addanac, Dr. Rorshach switched gears and turned her academic and professional aspirations towards psychiatry. She now works in association with Addanac City Regional Hospital where she constantly butts heads with fellow physician, Dr. Proctor, who seems to delegate her as mere eye-candy and decoration for his needs. She's no dummy, however.

Comics: 63
Recent Appearance: Alphabetic Dis-Order
First Appearance: Guest Strip by Dave Crews


Lloyd has had it rough for awhile. Recently, he's been reunited with his long-lost homeless father, only to discover that he's slowly dying of a mysterious, killer disease that seemingly has no cure. He considers Harvey Addanac to be his best friend, although the feeling is far from mutual. Hopefully, Lloyd can find a way to stay alive long enough to find true love and/or true friendship.

Comics: 62
Recent Appearance: An Inside Job
First Appearance: Intervention


Comics: 53
Recent Appearance: Slow Burn
First Appearance: Seethin' Vegan


Comics: 46
Recent Appearance: Hysterical Fiction
First Appearance: Absent Without Leaf

Lt Graves

Lt. Carl Graves has been on the Addanac City Police force for over twenty years. He began his career as a humble, wet-behind-the-ears rookie, but he is now a brash, wet-behind-the-ears, know-it-all, disgruntled beat cop. He's been jerked around by bureaucracy and the powers-that-be his entire career, but Graves is still a dedicated lawman who will do whatever he deems necessary to catch his prey.

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: Feature Presentation
First Appearance: Law & Disorder

Ms. Yesnik

Ms. Yesnik has had the pleasure of educating bright, young minds for countless decades. She feels that it's an honor to enlighten her pupils and she has a soft spot for each and every one of them. Until one little rapscallion named Hank Addanac entered her second-grade classroom and never left. Can Ms. Yesnik transform Hank into a model student before he sends her crying maniacally into early retirement? Hmm....only time will tell.

Comics: 32
Recent Appearance: Need For Greed
First Appearance: Note-Worthy


As a freshman attending Addanac City University, Audrey has grown to become a close friend of fellow student, Travis. So far, she's been a good sounding board and source of advice for him whenever he's concocting one of his hopeless plans. Will they ever be more than friends? Hey, ya never know.

Comics: 28
Recent Appearance: Relation-Shipped Out
First Appearance: Daily Double~ Teachin' & Tweetin'

Mr. Callahan

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Door Stop
First Appearance: Problem Resolution

Can retin a make wrinkles worse

This lady is Dr. Proctor's right-hand-woman. Trixie helps to not only help him run a tight ship in the hospital, but she keeps him in line as well. This no-nonsense nurse doesn't take flack from anyone.

Comics: 18
Recent Appearance: Downfall
First Appearance: Inside Scoop


Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Drive Wave
First Appearance: The Music Critic

Joshua Trent

Joshua Trent is not merely just Simone Addanac's 2nd cousin. He's also Addanac City's go-to lawyer whenever anyone finds themselves in a spot of legal trouble. Trent has served as the attorney of record for Jack Addanac (before his great escape) and Jack's younger brother, Harvey, during his DUI turmoil. Joshua Trent is high-quality discount barrister, but just let him off his leash and let this big dog do his work. He may be your last and best chance of keeping your freedom.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Burning Passion
First Appearance: Nobody Knows The Troubles He's Seen


Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Vengeance Is Mindless
First Appearance: Taken For A Ride

Father Mackey

Not much is known about Father Mackey. In fact, there is a very select few who even know what his first name is. What everyone does know, however, is that Father Mackey is a dedicated and pious man of the cloth who attempts valiantly to practice what he preaches. The good father has only one vice and foil, and that happens to be a tiny terror known as Hank Addanac. Try as he may, Father Mackey cannot seem to find a way to control Hank's irascible ways. Nevertheless, he will not stop trying until everyone in his parish has a Free Trip To Heaven ticket in their praying hands.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: The Pente-Cost
First Appearance: An Acquired taste


Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Walk This Way
First Appearance: Regrets

Flagyl for uti and bv

Principal Roscoe Argent has led quite a colorful life. He's been a military man, a teacher, and has also had an illustrious, secret career as a crime-fighter. However, as the principal of the school in which a naughty nitwit known as Hank Addanac attends, Argent may have finally met his match.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Need For Greed
First Appearance: Guest Strip by Robert Matejcek of "Spilled Ink" Comics


Bryce will never be known as the sharpest knife in any drawer. What he lacks in brains, he more than makes up for in rugged, good looks, and chiseled musculature. Bryce is a gentle soul who never seems to realize nor acknowledge the effect he has on any ladies in his vicinity. He also has no clue that he was given his current job as office assistant at the Alternate Realty agency merely due to his being considered eye-candy by Simone & Carol.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Heavy Meddle
First Appearance: Cut Your Losses


Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: It's A Numbers Game
First Appearance: Phone It In


Carol is Simone Addanac's business partner at the Alternate Realty Real Estate Agency and she is also her closest friend. Carol is pretty upbeat most of the time, although her estranged husband has been reputed to trying her patience in many instances. Carol remains plucky (but do NOT test her loyalty or resolve).

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: You've Got Nail!
First Appearance: In The Mood


Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Christmas Vacation
First Appearance: A Turd For The Worst

Mr Fallon

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Technical Difficulty
First Appearance: Clairvoyant Employment

Uncle Jack

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: “Uncle Jack” #1 Pgs. 5 & 6 Preview
First Appearance: Guest Strip by Matt Barak & Donald Poquiz of "Straight Face Comics"


Rudolph has been Santa Claus's trusty (or untrustworthy) sidekick and driver for many, many year. As crotchety and irritable as Rudolph may appear, he is consistently loyal and faithful to ol' St. Nick, and has pulled his fat out of the fire on several occasions. Regardless of Rudolph's bad habits, he truly has a heart of gold.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Christmas Vacation
First Appearance: A Turd For The Worst

Phil McHunt

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: News Flash & Ill Advised
First Appearance: Weather Or Not It Makes Sense


Although he is a longtime crony of Leland Addanac and Gus Gentry, Amos has an even deeper, more mysterious history. This rickety old-timer has often claimed to be hundreds of years old after having discovered the coveted, mythical Fountain of Youth. Is this geriatric gentleman pulling everyone's leg? Well, there's no way to be certain, I suppose, but "time" has a way of revealing all sooner or later.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Knowledge Is Sour
First Appearance: Just Like The Rest

Dr. Payne

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Job Description
First Appearance: The Tooth Hurts


Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Trick Or Treat~ The Wizards of Odd
First Appearance: The New Kid

Voodoo Lady

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Obey Your Curse
First Appearance: Addanac Flashback~ Happily Never After


Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Ongoing Situation
First Appearance: Smell Phone


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Addanac Flashback~ Light Work


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Miss Construed


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Give It Your Awful


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Cinnamon Role Play


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Allergic Redaction


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting

relationship. love

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting

Addanac City

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Price Of Admitting


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Classy Act