I know Halloween is tomorrow, but since I’m holding down the fort at this year’s Comikaze Expo convention in Los Angeles as we speak, I thought it would be nifty to present y’all with this fan-favorite classic super-sized AC Halloween skyscraper comic for your eerie enjoyment.

This classic moment features a fun-filled trick-or-treat party hosted by Harvey & Simone Addanac. All of their friends and neighbors are attending in their best costumed attire.

See if you can properly guess who everyone is dressed up as. 🙂

And if you get the opportunity, come on over to the LA Convention Center and meet me to cop some exclusive deals and one-of-a-kind artwork. I’ve got the first two issues on hand of the official full-length full-color ADDANAC CITY comic book, too.

Do not miss this mega event! Everyone who is anyone is gonna be there!

And, oh yeah, Happy Halloween! Be safe.

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