Today’s comic is partially based upon a true story from a page in my life.

My wife, Traviett, is notorious for her middle-of-the-night mobile phone Facebooking and Pinterest-ing.

However, as she’s in the midst of scrolling thru cat videos and sneaking snapshots of me snoring in the crack of midnight, she has a tendency to fall asleep herself while holding her phone.

Consequently, gravity wins and her phone comes crashing down, effectively smacking her in the dome as only an inanimate half-pound metal object can.

Whenever this occurs, my first instinct is to rush to her side, checking to see if she’s uninjured.

‘Cuz the last thing I want is to have to explain to the neighbors (and her burly little brother) about why she’s sporting a brand-new black eye and some matching nasal bruises. 🙂

I am not gonna be the one to catch a case for that, so I feel for you badly, Harvey! 😀

Thus, today’s comic goes out to my own Honey-Boo-Boo!

TBT Gee and TJ