Jack just has a way of cracking me up anyhow, and he’s especially hilarious to me when he gets to encounter other characters in the webcomic world. Today’s guest who has to deal with the idiotic nature of Jack Addanac is….well, the guy who stars in the webcomic series Not A People Person by K.J. and L.M. Rhue.

I don’t believe these two creators have ever given their main character a name yet. I think that by going unnamed, he’s more like an everyman. Very little is known about the creators of the Not A People Person series. I couldn’t tell ya with any certainty whether K.J. & L.M. are brothers, sisters, brother and sister, parent and child, husband and wife, or what have you. The Rhues have played it close to the chest for their entire comical run. They don’t expound heavily in the blog portion of their comics either. They just allow the strip to speak for itself, which it does, considerably.

The main character is the most unkindest, abrasive, cynical guy I’ve ever seen in a comic. When I first started reading this comic, I thought that this guy won’t make it long. I despise him and how much of an @$$ can one person possibly be?

Fortunately for the Rhues, this guy can carry it out. He’s just like the rest of us, but he actually says out loud the stuff we only wish we had the nerve to say.