AC Halloween 2014~ Tentacles Of Fear
October 31st, 2014

AC Halloween 2014~ Tentacles Of Fear

Welcome to this year’s ADDANAC CITY Halloween Special!!!!

Each year, I have the challenging and exciting task of deciding how the citizens of this town are gonna spend this colorful event. It’s no simple matter to decide which characters are gonna wear which costumes, and how they’re gonna spend All Hallow’s Eve, but if it was easy, then it probably wouldn’t be half as much fun to create.

Hank Son of Frank

I’ve used Hank and the kids plenty of times before and I thought that maybe I had run out of Halloween tales to tell. I am very glad to announce that I was wrong.

Sometimes I just have to relax and let Hank do the talking & thinking around here. :D

So, I hope you enjoy today’s offering. Be sure to check out the classic comics I’ve got lined up for the weekend, then let’s all meet back on Monday to laugh some more. It’ll be worth it (or your money back!)

Hank Scary Clown


As you can see, coloring these monster-sized comics ain’t no magic trick, Dear Reader. Take a peep at the black-and-white version of today’s comic to see if coloring makes any difference to you.

Addanac City comic strip 2061bw

Gus & Tilsie Family Portrait

Voila! Here’s my most recent AC Family Portrait drawing.

This one features the venerable and lovely Gus and Tilsie Gentry. It’s nice to see them both smiling and seemingly enamored with one another. :)

Gus and Tislie Family Portrait color with background

Dwayne & Shauna Portrait

Here is a recent drawing I created of Dwayne and Shauna Connor!

Dwayne and Shauna Portrait with bg

Addanac Family Portrait

I created this nifty Addanac family portrait featuring Harvey, Simone, and Hank. At least, they’re all smiling for one photo. :)

AC Fam Portrait with bg

Can I Get A Lil’ Feedback, Y’all?

Hello, Dear Reader! I would love it if you would take a minute or two out of your schedule to answer a few question that will help me get a better understanding of what you like (or dislike) about this ADDANAC CITY comic strip series.

I wanna give you the best that I got, but I really need your input. Don’t worry, it’s brief! :D

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Trailer Park Boys

I’ve been pretty captivated recently by the TV show Trailer Park Boys. I’ve watched all eight seasons and all three of the feature films so far.

Currently, it’s my favorite show right now (you can view it all on Netflix), so I decided to honor it with this drawing of the three main characters Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian.

Are you fans of the show? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

Trailer Park Boys color finished

Plastic Man Art

I’ve always liked Plastic Man, although I know him better as a Saturday-morning cartoon star rather than as a comic-book superhero.

Here’s my version of ol’ super-stretch.

Plastic Man color

Renowned Comic Artist, Stan Goldberg, Passes

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Stan G (Goldberg) recently. He was one of my cartooning inspirations. Stan G drew seemingly millions of tales for Archie Comics.

I was fortunate to have one of my very close friends, Bearman Cartoons, procure a drawing for me from Mr. Goldberg during a recent comic convention.

I will always treasure this….

Jughead by Stan G

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