Trouble Dribble
September 16th, 2014

Trouble Dribble

Um, I think Leland needs to seriously get that uh…checked out, y’know? :)

Funny Pictures
You may wanna ease up on that late-night drinking, Grandpa! :D

Plastic Man Art

I’ve always liked Plastic Man, although I know him better as a Saturday-morning cartoon star rather than as a comic-book superhero.

Here’s my version of ol’ super-stretch.

Plastic Man color

Renowned Comic Artist, Stan Goldberg, Passes

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Stan G (Goldberg) recently. He was one of my cartooning inspirations. Stan G drew seemingly millions of tales for Archie Comics.

I was fortunate to have one of my very close friends, Bearman Cartoons, procure a drawing for me from Mr. Goldberg during a recent comic convention.

I will always treasure this….

Jughead by Stan G

Happy AC Anniversary From Ambrose Quintanilla IV of “Gopher-It Comics”!

My fellow cartoonist, good friend, and all-around stupendous, stand-up gentleman, Ambrose Quintanilla IV, was generous and gracious enough to send me this nifty piece of artwork celebrating ADDANAC CITY‘s upcoming 6th Anniversary which will occur on August 25th this year.

Best wishes from talented creator, Ambrose Quintanilla!

Best wishes from talented creator, Ambrose Quintanilla!

Ambrose is also the writer/artist/big kahuna of the always-awesome webcomic company “Gopher-It Comics”.

Gopher-It Comics is the banner which covers a variety of webcomic series all created by Ambrose. No matter what your brand of comedy is, Mr. Quintanilla has you covered.

Click here to read all of his comedic offerings:

Me & The Kid

Digger Davis

In Your Face


Ferret Island

So if you wanna live a long life laughing, check out the hardest-working man in comicdom and tell ‘im George says ‘hi’! :D

Click image above!

Click image above!

Test Your AC IQ!

How Well Do You Know ADDANAC CITY?

Here’s a fun quiz just to see how much you know about ADDANAC CITY and its wacky inhabitants! :)

  1. Who did Hank take with him when he traveled back in time to the year 1990?
  2. Tim
    His dad, Harvey

  3. Hank’s dad, Harvey, is a recovering:
  4. Alcoholic
    Drug Addict

  5. Hank’s mom, Simone, works at a:
  6. Movie theater
    Real estate agency

  7. The Addanac family address is:
  8. 1350 Baker Street
    2300 Jackson Street
    1407 Cottonmouth Lane
    4500 Addanac Parkway

  9. Hank’s granddad’s (Harvey’s father) first name is:
  10. Larry
    Harvey, Sr.

  11. During Christmas 2010, Santa Claus almost lost his job because of what?
  12. Shoddy toy-making
    Beating elves
    Oversleeping on Christmas
    Allegedly cheating on his wife

  13. The Boll Weevil’s secret identity is:
  14. Gus Gentry
    Dwayne Connor
    Principal Argent
    Hank Addanac

  15. Travis is always in search of a:
  16. New Car

  17. Hank is __ years old.
  18. 5

  19. The AC character Nate Proctor works as a:
  20. Mortician

  21. BONUS QUESTION: The AC character who claims that he is over 200 years old is named:
  22. Gus


Special Sale Today On AC eComic Collection! 99 cents!

Dr. Rorshach Is Sizzling This Summer!

The temperature is steadily rising with summer swiftly heading our way, and what better way to commemorate this sizzling season than to showcase some of ADDANAC CITY‘s more popular citizens in their latest beachwear fashions!

In the past, I’ve created new, to-die-for prints of Mrs. Simone Addanac in her barely-there bikini. In fact, I’ve showcased her twice in the past.

I wanted some new models for this year, but who could pass muster?

Well, I had to look no further than AC‘s very own psychologist and dasher of Dr. Proctor‘s twisted affections: Dr. Holly Rorchach!

While I was working diligently on this piece, I began to mull over who I would ever choose to portray Dr. Rorshach in an ADDANAC CITY movie.

As of this writing, the best candidate I can think of at the moment would be the deliciously talented Ms. Katy Perry!

Would you agree, or do you have a better suggestion?

Katy Perry is…..Dr. Rorshach? Hmmm……

A Recent Playbill I Designed

I forgot to post this playbill I designed for a recent production coordinated by the Halifax County Little Theatre, a well-respected community theater company that is headquartered in my hometown of Halifax County, Virginia.

I’ve acted on a past series of performances of A Raisin In The Sun back in 2006 before I moved out to California. It was a pleasant and hard-working experience that I will always treasure.

Below is the design I created for HCLT‘s latest production The Complete World of Sports.

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