Real Love~ Valentine’s Day 2012

Real Love~ Valentine’s Day 2012

Harvey tries to do the right thing each and every year on Valentine’s Day, but he always finds a way to cram his foot in mouth at the last minute. He must be a good catch or good at other things in order for Simone to put up with him the way that she does. I guess it is true love for the Addanacs! :D

So, how about you and your significant other? Do you have any special plans prepared for this International Day of Love?

And before I forget or make an erroneous error myself, allow me a moment to wish my very own Reason For Living a Happy Valentine’s Day. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Ford, there probably wouldn’t be an ADDANAC CITY webcomic for you to poke fun at each day. Blame her Give her the credit and accolades! :)

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