Ribbon In Disguise

Ribbon In Disguise

Beware of any trophies, certificates, or awards shown to you by Hank Addanac.

It’s more than a safe bet that he is not the rightful recipient of any of those accolades. The only event Hank would possibly be the front-runner for would be World’s Biggest Rogue. :D

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Discussion (40)¬

  1. fldreamr says:

    Kids grow up fast on the streets of Addanac, or should i say run fast!

  2. chinchatcomics says:

    Hank's got the right idea, just let other people do all the work I say!

  3. tmcelmurry says:

    Well evidently Hank could have one that Ribbon if he really wanted to since Timothy couldn't catch up to him, so it'll make Tim work harder next year in order to hold on to his winnings. Easy come easy go when you grow up around Hank.

    • George says:

      You're right about that, Todd. Hank is gonna you the fundamentals of life whether you like it or not. He's always been a proponent of tough love. :D

  4. vinniethevampire says:

    Hey, George, that name seems a little familiar to me :) I actually sucked at running.

  5. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Hank might have a future in Pro Sports. I hear the Saints are lookin' for some people.

  6. That is OK…in a few years Timmy will be stealing Hank's girlfriend

    • George says:

      I'm trying to imagine the kind of girl Hank would fall in love with. Then, I'm imagining the kind of girl who would fall head over heels for Hank. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. :)

  7. DadaHyena says:

    The blue-ribbon winner couldn't catch up to Hank? It was either a REALLY slow race, or Timothy himself cheated.

    …or maybe Hank really IS a skilled track runner, but is too much of a nonconformist for organized sport.

    • George says:

      Hank has had plenty of practice running from irate neighbors, local authorities, and P.O.'d friends. He's usually one step ahead of everyone anyway. :)

  8. chur says:

    Once again, Hank's logic is bullet proof. Should've known better Christie.

  9. dcrews says:

    That's going on the refrigerator!

  10. Mark Stokes says:

    To the <del>wiener</del> winner goes the spoils!

  11. warrenfrantz says:

    I always believed that the reason we put kids in organized sports is to develop the skills they need to survive in society. Hank seems to share those beliefs!

    • George says:

      Survival of the fittest seems to be the only thing those kids end up learning. They'd better be prepared for Hank in adulthood. :)

  12. Tyler says:

    That's pretty solid logic! Plus, I'm sure the Highlander rule can be applied to field day competitions.

  13. Binky says:

    Well at least he thought this one through!

  14. eO_Jande says:

    There's a special jolt of adrenaline you get when you're running from the guy from whom you just stole something. erm… at least >.> so I'm told! :`D

    • George says:

      Mm-mm….are you sure you didn't learn that firsthand, Jande. :)

      • eO_Jande says:

        Who, me? Nevah! >.> Only spare change from my mother's purse, when I was nine or so, who stole it from my father's pockets when she did the laundry. :`D ( Parents didn't believe in allowances for girls)

        • George says:

          That must have sucked. How did people expect girls to pay for stuff?

          • eO_Jande says:

            "Get a job!" Food (never enough), clothing (also never enough), just the necessities were what you got and they paid for it. If they weren't around when you needed something, too bad. Guess they had to finance their trips overseas somehow. lol (but I'm not bitter!) lol

            • George says:

              Strangely enough, my parents were similar. They bought me whatever I wanted (or whatever they saw fit for me to have). They didn't see a reason for me to require holding money in my own grubby lil hands. :D

  15. jeremy says:

    You got to love hank. He always finds a way.

  16. George says:

    And Hank's the biggest hot dog of them all, Mark. :D

  17. Tony McGurk says:

    Looks like he earned it for being faster than the winner.

  18. spilledinkguy says:

    Sprinters. :)