New Art~ Simone Addanac As Supergirl

Here is some new art that I worked on this past weekend. I really like dressing my AC characters up as some of my favorite superheroes. I hope you all like it too.

What do you think? Does Simone Addanac make a nice Supergirl? :)

Supergirl character and costume is (c) and TM DC Comics 2012

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Discussion (9)¬

  1. Yes but she is a little old for the belly ring. I would expect a few stretch marks at her age as well.hahah

    • George says:

      Simone would be horrified to hear you say that she's too old for a belly-ring. She's only in her early-mid thirties. She still thinks she's hot to trot and good to go. Not a bad bod for only having one kid. Hank was easy to bear but hard to raise. :)

      And you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Monie's tattoo either. I've heard that it's a Bearman logo in a hard-to-see spot. :D

  2. fldreamr says:

    Daaamn…now i have a boner for Hank's mom! O.o

    • George says:

      What do you think happened to me while I was drawing the darned thing?! I had to keep taking breaks and switching hands. Egad!

      Just kidding. I'm far from ambidextrous. :D

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  4. vinniethevampire says:

    She could save my life any day!

  5. warrenfrantz says:

    This is great! I wish my abs looked like that!