Get Bearman To Donate Money To Charity FOR You!

It’s that time once again, Dear Readers. My very good friend, the internet impresario himself, Bearman, is having his fourth annual Charity Challenge this year.

Bearman has put his altruistic nature on display and is willing and eager to foot the bill for a variety of worthy causes. This guy has deep pockets and is prepared to turn them inside out to help others.

What’s the catch? What does it cost you?

Nothing but a few clicks of a mouse.

Spreading the word of this philanthropic endeavor is the key to sending Bearman to the poorhouse. On his website, he lists varying opportunities that you can participate in. If you do one or more of these things, Bearman will donate money out of his own pocket.

Where else are you gonna find a deal like that? Tell Google Plus about the Charity Challenge, and Bearman coughs up a few shillings. Write a blog about it (like I’m doing right now), and it costs him even more rubles.

It doesn’t get any easier than this, people. You know you’re on the internet day and night anyway. Why not make somebody go broke while you spread the word about it? I’m down for it, and I’m gonna do my part, so why don’t you pitch in with me?

I will love going to sleep conscience-free tonight because I did what I could to help the needy, and at the same time make a fellow blooger’s pockets look like rabbit ears. I couldn’t ask for much more.

For the Full Monty and the entire skinny on what you can do to make this dream come true, check out the details from the official Bearman website.

Let’s put his bank account on ‘E’ today!!!!

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Discussion (8)¬

  1. Mark Stokes says:

    Is there a doctor in the house? I mean another doctor?

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    An excellent post for an excellent cause.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. bearman says:

    Thanks G!!! Though I have to question your cut and paste method from last year. It is the 4th annual not the 3rd. And you get nothing for promoting it on twitter except my thanks. hahah

    You are the best.

    • George says:

      Four years?! We've been on the 'net four years? Are you sure? Hunh….

      And what do you mean Twitter doesn't count anymore? Did it ever? I forget.

      • bearman says:

        Yes…I used to pay for twitter followers and twitter shares. Don't hate because I actually READ your posts

        • George says:

          But who would have figured you'd remember them. You're lucky I was in an original opus-writing mood for this one. :)

          I'll make the necessary changes in the blog about Twitter and 4th Annual.