Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy

First of all, you gotta remember, I’m just telling jokes here. I have nothing against anyone’s in-laws, especially my own. :)

I think this may be only the second time we’ve ever seen Simone‘s mom. Yeah, I know…Old Mrs. Jernigan certainly ain’t no MILF‘y cougar, so perhaps Simone got her sexiness from her daddy.

I’m working on showcasing Papa Jernigan pretty soon. We saw a glimpse of him during Hank‘s time-travel escapade in 2010, but he hasn’t had a “speaking part” in this series yet.

And I’m just wondering, what’s your take on magicians and magic tricks? Do you enjoy them or is it all just a bunch of corny BS? Do you know any parlor tricks that you use to enchant small crowds?

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