ADDANAC CITY Comic Strip Video #2

I had almost forgotten to post my latest AC comic strip video. This video features two never-before-seen AC comic strips.

You can either watch the video below, or you can read both unseen strip beneath that. Enjoy, Addanackians!

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  1. Bill Murphy says:

    Great job George! I like the transitional effects you threw in there. Are you doing all the voices or did you get help on this one?

    • George says:

      Yes, I did all of the voices for this one. I wish I did have some assistance. I enlist my wife whenever I need a female voice though. I don't trust my skills enough to try to get my Tyler Perry on. :D

  2. haha your white guy voice is hilarious

    • George says:

      Hey, it was a dreary Sunday morning and my wife wanted to watch reruns of American Horror Story instead of letting me record my lil' video. I got one take and that was it. :D

  3. Joseph says:

    Bearman beat me to it but your white guy voice was funny! :OD