Y’know, to be honest, although it’s sometimes a lotta hard work and countless hours of self-serving isolation, I really have a grand ole time creating ADDANAC CITY comic strips.

The hard part is that, aside from the few beloved comments I receive on each strip, I pretty much have no idea who’s reading the comic strip series. Maybe no one other than my good buddies and my own mother. At least, that’s what I first suspected.

However, thanks to recent cartooning friend and avid AC reader, Joseph Rodriguez, I soon learned that there are quite a few more ADDANAC CITY fans than I had previously considered. :)

Joseph Rodriguez, the mega-talented mastermind behind the hilariously action-packed webcomic series, Wacky Monkeys, is also a versatile and adept Art Instructor. He and I had been recently corresponding back and forth about our own individual comic series, and Joseph was kind and generous enough to purchase a full set of the AC trade paperbacks I had available.

I was extremely pleased that, as a voracious new reader, he had done so. After a few weeks, Joseph notified me that several of his students had read one of the AC books and loved it! At first, I was like, “Uh-oh…Which one did ya give ‘em?” (Gulp!)

I know that ADDANAC CITY can get somewhat….let’s say, “adult” in nature at times, so I was kinda wary of what these kids were getting themselves into, y’know? :) Joseph swiftly allayed my fears by telling me he had the ADDANAC CITY: COMICS FOR KIDS collection and kept it in his classroom. Whew!

When I asked him what the kids thought of the book, Joseph had this to say:

I have AC for Kids on my bookshelf along with other comics and how-to-draw books. Whenever they finish their work for the day, they clamor to get your comic because they like “that goofy blond boy” as they put it!

That is sweet music to my ears. :D

So I would like to extend a huge thank you and an enormous debt of gratitude to Joseph Rodriguez and his fantastic class of students for their patronage, diligence, and acceptance of Hank, Christie, Tim, and the rest of the gang at Addanac City.

It is a pleasure and an honor to have such great fans as these!

And if you’re searching for some top-notch comic entertainment, look no further than Joseph’s amusing (and exceptionally well-drawn) webcomic site, Wacky Monkeys, which updates weekly on Mondays! I’m sure he will appreciate your support!

Click on the comic below to visit Wacky Monkeys!

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