Captain America Art by George Ford

I have not drawn a superhero in nearly 18 years, although that was all I wanted to do when I was younger, intent on becoming the next hot artist at Image, Valiant, Marvel, or DC.

However, I got caught up and fell in love with the world of ADDANAC CITY, and I sorta shifted my dreams from drawing Spider-Man to controlling the actions of the world’s worst-behaved adolescent.

Well, last night, I decided to literally go “back to the drawing board” and work on something “heroic”. Who would I draw, though?

Hmmm….. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Steve Rogers guy an awful lot lately, with his new movie and all.

So, here is my latest artistic offering. Yeah, I know I’m rusty as all get out and that I’ve got quite a ways to go to get my superhero confidence back, but I kinda like it.

I don’t think it’s too bad for not drawing anything else other than Hank and his cohorts for the past umpteen years. Hope you all like it, too!

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