ADDANAC CITY: Village Idiots Is Now Available on Amazon Kindle!

Do you own an Amazon Kindle? Or do you know someone who does?

Well, you or that lucky person can now take ADDANAC CITY on the go and read some of the silliest and wackiest comics ever right on your Kindle Fire!

This entertaining eBook is chock-full of several AC super-sized skyscraper comics and holiday specials all carefully chosen and formatted for easy reading!

I’m talking 134 gut-busting pages featuring Hank and the other insane inhabitants of Addanac City.

ADDANAC CITY: Village Idiots is the perfect reading companion piece for when you’re out and about or stuck on a loooong trip or just plain don’t have access to the internet.

No Wi-Fi around? No problem. You’ll have this sweet collection to pore thru until the web weturns…I mean, returns. :)

And did I mention how affordable this comical collection is? You can’t beat this price for the best of the best!

So, don’t miss this first volume of ADDANAC CITY entertainment and be sure to look out for future editions coming soon! Your funny bone will thank you.

Click Here To Order Your AC On-The-Go!

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