Wetting Day

Wetting Day

Since moving from Virginia to California, I had developed an insatiable desire to visit as many notable tourist destinations and amusement parks as I could.

My wife, a born hostess and tour guide, was more than eager to take me around and watch the glee in my eyes as I stared upon locations that I had only read about or watched on television previously.

Back east, the only amusement parks I had ever gone to were either Kings Dominion in Ashland, VA or Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.

However, in sunny California, where evidently it never rains, the region hosts parks a’plenty nearly year-round.

SoCal sports quite a commendable number of water parks that I wanted to check out. For some inane reason, I never took the opportunity to comprehend that water parks contained a whoooollleee lotta water.

Yes, it’s true.

At the end of the day, after a visit to Sea Worldin San Diego, you’d best believe I was totally drenched to the white meat.

For a guy that slightly despises getting wet, I can tell ya, I had my fill of riding on river logs, getting splashed by hundred foot waves, and careening haphazardly thru water-logged fun-tunnels.

So, Dwayne, I totally dig where you’re coming from. Come on over and we’ll stay dry for the rest of our lives. :D

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