ADDANAC CITY creator, George Ford

I have been drawing ever since I was three years old (I’m in my mid-thirties now). Raised as an only child in a small rural town in south central Virginia, I had little choice other than to formulate my own entertainment. Mostly, I read a lot and I drew even more, using my imagination as an escape from the mundane.

I was that kid in school everyone said was gonna grow up and become an artist. I just knew that I liked doing it and that creating pictures came easy to me. I won plenty of school art awards (whenever I deigned to enter the competitions). I was inherently lazy back in those days, and sometimes I wouldn’t start my entry until the day before it was due. I liked drawing under the pressure of a deadline and, in some ways, I still do.

I was fortunate to get published in my hometown newspaper as a daily cartoonist at the tender age of twelve. I was given free reign to create three strips featuring whatever my tiny heart desired. Creative freedom as an adolescent? Heh…I loved that.

I worked continually for about two years making a three-panel strip, a super-hero strip (which was extremely violent in reflection), and a one-panel comic a la Family Circus. I stopped due to my increasing interest in girls and my feelings of suffocation that comes from having to draw when I didn’t necessarily feel like it.

In high school, I did everything art-related I could, from working on the school newspaper to helping design the numerous school proms. My teachers said I had potential, but my ego would be my biggest downfall. Me? An ego? What? :D

Future book jacket photo :)

I graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in Visual Communication from Virginia State University in 1994. With that integral piece of paper in hand, I was ready to take over the world. Keep in mind, that was a year before those new things dubbed computers decided they weren’t a fad and were gonna be here to stay.

I have been employed as an artist in many companies. I have worked as a t-shirt screenprinter, a flag and banner designer, a ceramic pottery painter, a grocery store marketing specialist, an educational graphic consultant, and a movie store manager (my marketing and design skills benefited me greatly in that position).

Currently, I am working as a freelance graphic artist, creating everything from portraits, theatre playbills, and caricatures, to CD covers, textbook visuals, and building plans. I do it all and I love the challenges that come with each project.

My special love is reserved for a humble, lil’ webcomic I create called “Addanac City”. I have been publishing my webcomic on the internet since 2008, and the response has been wonderful. New readers come on board each day and they continue to revel in the idiotic adventures of my flagship character, Hank Addanac.

I post new strips Monday through Friday in full-color. I would love to be able to create Addanac City full-time but, until that time, I’m having loads of fun just interacting with the public and encountering other cartoonists whose passions cannot be extinguished for this growing art form.

I’m also taking art classes in video production and digital photography as a means of keeping my self up-to-date and relevant in my field. I’m learning more and more each day and I’m incorporating that knowledge into all facets of my life. I’m still ready to land the world on its ear no matter how long it’s taking me. :)

I currently reside in Southern California with my ever-so-kind-and-patient wife Traviett (whom I met on MySpace in 2006) and our two children. When I’m not creating, I’m usually thinking about creating. Or reading a good book.

Traviett and I